Can you please explain further?


We at my company are ready to purchase this software but we are not sure which product type is right for us.

We want to implement this in one single website on one server. So for this type of implementation, all we need is $499 package right?

Please explain if I am not right...



Dear bobsov,

Thanks for purchasing Aspose.Cells.

Please check for subscription definitions. If only one develper in your company will work with Aspose.Grid, then it's right for you.

I will move this post to purchase forum. You can continue to post here if you have any furthur questions about purchasing. Our sale team will support you.


I have one more developer in this company. But we have different projects at hand. We don't work in the same project, and I don't think we will ever do that. Does that count as more than one developer?
Let me know.

Also, I believe, based on my previous post that you guys will allow us to control over right-click properties inside the grid in the upcoming version of aspose.grid. This is something I will be greatly looking forward to.

Once again, thank you bringing out such a great tool.



If both of you are using Aspose.Grid, you should buy two developer subscription. If only you will use Aspose.Grid, one is enough.

For control over right-click properties in the new version, Henry will give you some more detail information.



With the current version, you may disable or enable the row deleting/adding operation in the right-click menu for the entire control but not for a particular cell. And you may set a row to readonly to prevent it from being deleted. Our new version will add a feature. You may create your own buttons to the tabbar of the control and you may handle the button's click event to do what you want to do.

Thank you.


Hello Henry:

Sounds like next version will do all I want. My situation is: I have Row Num 1 as dropdownlist for clients to choose different header information. I don’t want that to be deleted. Cos that has to be in Editable Mode. And now with the current version, it can be deleted if they discover that there is a right-click menu. Also in the same token, I want to make rest of the cells read-only. I don’t care whether they delete any or all of the rows by discovering the right-click menu.

Anyway, it looks to me the new version should be able to take care of that. I have already tuned your component to fit my needs in many areas. This does exactly what I was looking for. Can’t wait for next release. We will be purchasing this today sometime.


Hi Bobsov,

You may use the WebCells.SetRowReadonly method to set a row to readonly. This means that the row can't be deleted even if the user click the right-click menu. And you are still able to edit the cells of the row.