Can you set the cursor position in a document?


One of my uses for AW is to create a client quick letter. Basically create a new document from a template with client’s name and address. When I open the document the cursor is always at the top of the document. Can I change this behavior and have the cursor at the bottom?


MS Word does not really allow that. Have you noticed that if you make a selection or leave the cursor somewhere and save, then open the document MS Word always resets to the beginning of the document (unlike MS Excel). Therefore you cannot do this with Aspose.Word (just because MS Word does not allow that).

You could write VBA code that will run on document open and jump back and Aspose.Word will preserve that macro in the document, but I think you will be pushing security boundaries here as the days of macros that easily run on document open are long gone.


Thanks for the education. That helped! [8-|]