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Cannot get past "Already Exists" error

We have a number of customer installations successfully running with a portion of our system using Aspose.Word. However, I'm trying to make a small simple update to our system but cannot seem to get past the Aspose.Word Open() errir "Already Exists". No matter what I try I cannot get any other response. I am using an MS-Word document that can be opened using MS-Word 2003 (file is attached).

It only fails on one computer, not sure what could possibly cause this. It is unfortunate that Windows isn't providing a more descriptive error message.

Code looks like this...

public class AsposeDoc


private Aspose.Word.Document _doc;

public AsposeDoc(string wordFile)


Word word = new Word();

_doc = word.Open(wordFile);



Thank you for the template and the code sample.

  1. The file you have attached has RTF format. It isn't supported for the time present. Use normal Word format instead.
  2. The Word class is obsolete. You should use Document constructor to load the document.
  3. Download the latest version of Aspose.Word.