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'Cannot open PivotTable source file' error when downloading over HTTP

There is an issue downloading Excel files with Pivot Tables through the Response stream via IE. This is documented in the following Knowledge Base / Known Issues post:

The solution mentioned in this post does not work for us. We tried both changing the AppendHeader method to ‘inline’ and using your Workbook.Save method (using ContentDisposition.Inline) to download the file, but in both cases we get the ‘Cannot open PivotTable source file’ error on the client machine. Has this solution been tested recently (i.e. using IE8)?

To avoid this problem completely, is there any way to instruct Aspose.Cells to refresh the pivot table data on the server before downloading to the client?



I tested it on IE 8.0 Win 7.0, it works fine.

Please make sure that your http address (to access the .aspx page (containing the pivot table code) should not have any parameter attached. Otherwise I think it should work fine. By the way could you try using pivot table demos (for Aspose.Cells featured demos that are installed when you install using Aspose.Cells MSI installer).

Moreover, currently we don’t provide the feature for refreshing pivot table in the file.

Thank you.

You mean URL parameters (like MyPage.aspx?param=someValue) correct? When I removed the URL parameter we were using, it did function correctly; the problem in our case, is that a URL parameter is required. Do you know why a URL parameter causes a problem?



Well, the pivot table’s data source is actually the file itself and the cached file’s name of IE (or other browser) is the URL (should be without parameters). So, if you put/use parameters in the URL, MS Excel could not find the file, so, the pivot table would not be rendered fine.

Thanks for your understanding!