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Cannot Type Legible Text Into Form Fields Added To PDFs (.Net PDF Kit )

I’m using the .Net PDF.Kit to add a form field (FieldType.Text) to PDF documents. The intent is for the end user to be able to download the PDF and enter their name into the form field and print out the document.

I can add the form field to the document and specify the façade elements for its appearance, and everything looks OK. However, when you try to enter text it types out as gibberish and with random spacing.

Anyone have a clue what may be going on? I’m using Adobe reader 7.0 to view the PDF and PDF Kit 2.3.1.


- Matt

Dear Matt,

Can you please provide an example that can reproduce the error?

Tommy -

I sent an e-mail to changsha@aspose.com with a copy of the PDF document that contains the text box error for you to see.

Here is a copy of the code snippet I'm using to test placing the text box on an existing document:

'Add Broker field objects to L PDFs


Dim formEditor As FormEditor = New FormEditor("C:\temp\Zips\L_Test.pdf", "C:\temp\Zips\X_Test.pdf")

'create a FormFieldFacade to specify visual attributes

Dim facade As FormFieldFacade = New FormFieldFacade

facade.BorderStyle = FormFieldFacade.BDSTYLE_SOLID

facade.BorderColor = Color.Red

facade.BorderWidth = 1

facade.FontSize = 10

facade.Font = Courier

facade.TextColor = Color.Red

facade.Alignment = FormFieldFacade.ALIGN_UNDIFINED

facade.TextEncoding = EncodingType.Winansi

'specify a facade object to the object of FormEditor.

formEditor.Facade = facade

'add text box to document

formEditor.AddField(FieldType.Text, "Broker", "Type Name Here", 1, 800, 560, 970, 570)

formEditor.SetFieldAppearance("Broker", AppearanceFlag.NOROTATE)

'clear the settings


'close and save the output document



Let me know if you have any questions.


- Matt

Dear Matt,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I have received your mail. We will check this issue and reply to you soon.

Dear Matt,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

The problem has fixed and a new version will be released soon. And any other problem is welcomed.

Best regards.

Just checking to see how close we are to the next release of the Aspose.Pdf.Kit.


- Matt

Hi Matt,

The newest version of Aspose.PDF.Kit will be released in one or two days.