Can't download Aspose Slides 2.9


Invoice number 060925052713

We purchased version 2 of Aspose.Slides on 25th September 2006 (long ago I know) with the Developer OEM Subscription. It works well but I’ve been tasked with sorting out some of the errors that get generated periodically and thought that I’d start with getting the most recent version of the product that we’re entitled to based on our licence, which I’ve assumed would be at the very least up to the end of version two? I have been to the download page and have tried to download 2.9.2 ( but there is no download button and when I click on the link I’m taken back to downloads home page.

It may be that my account isn’t linked with our purchase as I’ve had to create a new account because my colleague who purchased this has left the company and I don’t have the account details.

Regards Allan

Hi Alan,

Well, the version you are trying to download is a very old version. As per company policy, only versions which a released with in a time frame of one year are allowed to be downloaded from the website. Also, the support for the version you are trying to download is discontinued. I would suggest you to download and try the latest version of the API which is mature and has a lot of new features.

Please feel free to contact support in case you need any further assistance.

Thanks & Regards,


Thanks very much for your reply, I’d be happy to download and use the new version would it work with our existing licence? We are happy with the version that we have it does what we need it to except we regularly get an error which I believe has been fixed, unfortunately the developer who implemented this was ignoring/not handling errors -

Error Msg -
The process cannot access the file
‘e:\mypath\myfile.ppt’ because it is being used
by another process.

Regards Allan

Hi Allan,

Well, if your license subscription has expired before the release of our latest version, you will not be able to use the latest version in the licensed mode. You will be required to upgrade your subscription to use the latest version in licensed mode. The error you have mentioned seems a file access issue which may or may not depend on Aspose.Slides API (most probably it is file access issue when you try to open or save a file when it is already open in some other program). However, if you are facing this issue with some specific file or specific code sample, you can test with the latest version in the evaluation mode to make sure it works fine.

Thanks & Regards,