Can't get 1.4 or 1.5 jdk from sun - only jre is installed unless i compile with cpp myself

Received : 2007/07/19 10:06:14
Message : are you going to upgrade to java 6. i did get the demo to work with inetllj and java 6 but it complained of a depreciated class. I am not sure what other errors there will be.

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Thank you for your request. I have notified our Java developer and he will reply to you shortly.

Yes, we planning to add jdk 1.6 option to Aspose.Words for Java download package since more and more ours customers migrating to jdk 1.6. Thus Aspose.Words for Java release will be including jdk 1.4, jdk 1.5 and jdk 1.6 options. Approximately, this option will be published inside the August maintenance release.
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I need the specific answer to do i need the jdk to work with your product 1.4 or 1.5 as i can only get the jdk for 6 or will the product work this the 1.4 or 5 jre

If I understand right, you are using jdk 1.6 for development. You better to use Aspose.Words’s jdk 1.5 option for a while. And approximately in August will be released option optimized for jdk 1.6.