Cant read existing bookmark with Aspose

When I call the following function with the attached document, I get a null.

$pied_doc= $docbkmk->get(‘PIED_GLOBAL’);

The bookmark PIED_GLOBAL is properly defined in word.

This code works on similar documents (same doc template)

Can you tell me how to get the grap on that bookmark ?

Doc password : ok

Code extract (java within php with php-java-bridge) : Java 1.4.2, aspose 2.3.0 and 2.4.0

$wdoc = new Java(‘com.aspose.words.Document’, $file);
$pdoc = new Java(‘com.aspose.words.DocumentBuilder’, $wdoc);
$docrange = $wdoc->getRange();
$docbkmk = $docrange->getBookmarks();

// Liste des formfields du document
$docffld = $docrange->getFormFields();
// Lecture du bloc entete
$entete_doc= $docbkmk->get(‘ENTETE_GLOBAL’);
error_log("entete_doc ".$entete_doc);
$entete_doc_node = $docbkmk->get(‘ENTETE_GLOBAL’)->getBookmarkEnd()->getParentNode();
error_log("entete_doc_node ".$entete_doc_node);
$ent_par_node = $entete_doc_node->getParentNode();

// maj du pied du doc
$pied_doc= $docbkmk->get(‘PIED_GLOBAL’);
error_log("pied_doc ".$pied_doc);
$pied_doc_node = $docbkmk->get(‘PIED_GLOBAL’)->getBookmarkEnd()->getParentNode();


Thanks for your request. It seems that this occurs because you are using Aspose.Words in evaluation mode. Evaluation version of Aspose.Words (without a license specified) provides full product functionality, but it injects an evaluation watermark at the top of the document on open and save and limits the maximum document size to several hundred paragraphs.
Best regards.