Can't set values on category axis


I add 3 series to my designchart at runtime. This works perfectly and the series are displayed correctly. But I can’t set the values on the category axis: the x-axis shall display time-values which I define in the Area “A1:A7”. I try to set the axis values with the following code:
designer.Excel.Worksheets[“Test”].DesignCharts[0].NSeries.CategoryData = “A1:A7”;

But still the values on the X-Axis are 1 to 5.
What am I doing wrong?



Hi Wolfgang,

This feature is not supported yet. We will add it in the future release.


Hi Laurence,
which feature do you mean, time values or values on x-axis generally? I assume there must be a way to set the values on the x-axis or is that always done automatically?


Hi Wolfgang,

Now the feature to change design chart settings is limited. You can only change the series values. I will add the feature to change x-axis values for design charts.


By the way, if you have any other feature requests for designer charts, please post them here. I will investigate them and add them to Aspose.Excel if possible.


Hi Laurence!
Do you already know, when the feature for changing the x-axis values will be available?



Hi Wolfgang,

It will be available before the end of this month.


Hi Laurence,
I have an additional request concerning design-charts and x-axis values:
will it be possible to add individual x-axis and y-axis values for each series?
Y-axis-values: 3,5,3,2
corresponding X-axis-values: 13:00,14:15,17:00,20:00

Y-axis-values: 2,1,2,1
corresponding X-axis-values: 12:30,15:00,16:30,19:30

Sp basically, each series data would consist of 2 columns, where x-axis values and y-axis values would each be in one column.



Hi Wolfgang,

Changing the designer chart is a complex task. I will check this issue and will add this feature if possible.