Carriage return displays as junk character


I am sending the document output to From section 8 onwards char(13) which is a carriage return is coming up as junk character in the final output. I have written a stored proc whcih returns all the merge field data. Some merge fields have multiple values and I display then by concatenating these values with char(13) after each value so that the output comes in different lines.
Before section 8 all the merge fields get populated from the stored proc properly with carriage returns.

I populated section 1 merge fields with the same SQL required for section 8 and section 1 merge fields come up fine. I even deleted and recreated the merge field for section 8 with no effect.

Please advice.



Hi Vikas,

Thanks, I’ve received the document and will investigate today.


This turns out to be related to another issue discussed before here.

The problem appears when you want to insert paragraph breaks into field value and the field is in a table and there is no paragraph mark, but only end of cell mark after the field.

Aspose.Word does not seem to handle it well and paragraph breaks you insert into the field value are displayed as square characters by Word.

Simple workaround is to add a paragraph break after the field, this makes paragraph breaks you insert into the field value to work properly. Later I will implement a proper fix so the workaround is not needed.


Hi Vikas,

We have released Aspose.Word 1.3.2 which is a performance optimization that might be of interest to you as you work with big documents. Check out here.