CategoryAxis MajorUnitScale and MajorUnit


Can I set different values for the Category Axis if the MajorUnit scale is TimeScale?

I have a situation where the intervals on the CategoryAxis need to be the last Friday of every quarter. So the CategoryAxis values for 2006 should be 3/31, 6/30, 9/29 and 12/29. For 2005, they should be 3/25, 6/24, 9/30 and 12/30. Is it possible?


I am not clear about your need. Could you post a sample Excel file which includes your expected chart?


Please see the screenshot in the attached Word document, and the Chart sheet of the Excel file.

The Word document contains the original chart. Note the time intervals on the X-axis. They correspond to the last Friday of every quarter of the year. If you look at the Category Axis in the Excel, you will notice that the time intervals are 9/10/2004, 12/10/2004, etc. because I had set MajorUnitScale to Months, and MajorUnit to 3. Can I set the MajorUnit attributes to match the ones in the Word document?


I check MS Excel and don’t find a way to make such a chart. Could you manually create such a chart in MS Excel?