CCITT in version 1.5



We notice that you have released your 1.5 version of aspose pdf.

Your release notes indicate this includes the CCITT fix.

Is the fix that is included in the 1.5 final release different in any manner to the work that was done for the 1.4 hotfix?

We are getting the same results with the 1.5 release as we were with the 1.4 release.

Could you please indicate any work that was done in the 1.5 release to address this issue?

Thank you

Brendan Ingram



Dear Brendan,

Thanks for your consideration.

In the old versions or hot fixes, we support standard CCITT fax image file(not TIFF image). In the release 1.5.0, we have added support to TIFF image with CCITT subformat.