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Cell("F6").StringValue return the value in E6


I am using Aspose.Cells 5.0 to retrieve cell data from excel file.

But it is weird that I got the value from the cell next to I specified.

Please check the file attached.

I am using DataSheet.Cells("F6").StringValue to get the value,

but I got the value in "E6" (i.e. 22555003) instead.




Please try the attached version v6.0.1.3, it works fine with it.

Here is the sample code that works fine. It gives me blank/null value from F6 and returns “22555003” from E6 which is right.

Sample code:

Dim workbook As New Workbook(“e:\test2\016365-2(Bat2DB-541).xls”)
MessageBox.Show(workbook.Worksheets(0).Cells(“F6”).StringValue) 'Blank value
MessageBox.Show(workbook.Worksheets(0).Cells(“E6”).StringValue) '22555003

Thank you.