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Cell comment movement when Rows or Columns are Deleted


I have a worksheet with various cell comments spread throughout the body of the spreadsheet. During part of the processing, some rows are deleted from the spreadsheet. After the deletion takes place, I find that the comments have not moved to accomodate the deletion.

Imagine a 10 row spreadsheet with a comment on a cell on cell B10. If I programatically delete rows 1 through 5 from the spreadsheet using the DeleteRow method, the 5 rows disappear, my commented cell is now at B5, but the comments are left behind on cell B10.

When I compare this behavior against Microsoft Excel 2003, they handle the relocation of cell comments when rows or columns are deleted.

Do you consider this a bug or enhancement that can be investigated and then fixed or added? Failing that, I will have to write code manually to discover all cell comments, and attempt to reposition them according to the deleted rows - which could be a complex task.


I will change the comment deletion behavior as your request. When will you need this feature?