Cell Text not AutoFitting?

Hey everyone,

I have a pretty complicated aspose/powerpoint module that I recently noticed an odd problem. On occasion, the text in one cell gets truncated, like the row didnt autosize to fit it all in correctly. It probably only happens to 1 in every 50 rows, but it is something Ive been told to correct. Im not doing any special sizing of the rows and it only ever happens for one cell, my "Description" cell. The code I use for that particular cell is easy enough:

tbl = pptPres.Slides(slide_number).Shapes.Item(1)
With tbl
.GetCell(1, n_rows).TextFrame.Paragraphs(0).Portions(0).Text = item_Display
.GetCell(2, n_rows).TextFrame.Paragraphs(0).Portions(0).Text = metric_Display
.GetCell(3, n_rows).TextFrame.Paragraphs(0).Portions(0).Text = Description
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
.GetCell(7, n_rows).TextFrame.Paragraphs(0).Portions(0).Text = target
End With

So that middle line where it sets text = Description is the cell that has trouble. Im including a slide generated by the code that demonstrates my issue. It happens on both the first row and seventh row. Any ideas?



I can see the problem. I will investigate it further. One thing I would suggest you to merge the cells in first column only after completing the table. It is just to be at safe side. Probably, it is because of merging the cells and then adding new rows.

If you are doing it already, then please provide a source code. Also, what is the version number of Aspose.Slides you are using?

Id appreciate it thanks. Ill include my source, though it is rather long. I converted it to a txt file but its originally a .vb file. The file version on the slides dll im using is 2.8.4

Any ideas on this?