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Cell value type keeps changing unexpectedly

Hi, I’m working with Aspose.Excel at the moment to read in an Excel
file’s table of values manually, and I’m having trouble with the
Cell.Value and Cell.Value methods.

The trouble is that the valid Types of the fields in each Cell seem to
be decided somewhat randomly. What I mean is that if I run the
same code 3 times with exactly the same spreadsheet file, sometimes
it’ll work, sucessfully reading every cell. And sometimes it’ll
throw an exception, claiming that the data type is a ‘string’ where all
the values are ints, or saying that the value of the cell isn’t
DateTime, and so on.

This is really bizarre, because it seems to be totally random. I
can run the same code on the same spreadsheet over and over again and
get different errors every time. I have no idea what’s causing

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Hi Sebastian,

This is caused by evaluation limitation. Please check .

In evaluation mode, randomly one cell in each worksheet is replaced by garbage text. So its type is also changed. When Aspose.Excel is licensed, this limitation will be removed.

Thanks Laurence,

We’re looking into that licence.