Cells.CopyRow has a Problem with Row Style


As you can see from the input, there are three rows which will be
copied down, each with a different row style background color.
The bug lies in the output where the copied pink rows have a few green
cells (each row should only have one color). It looks like if a
cell has a value, the copied row will mistakenly apply the background
color to the wrong row.

This is a bug with Cells.CopyRow() method, since I didn’t have this
problem when I was using Row.Style, Cell.Copy and Cell.Style.Copy

Thanks, Natan.


Hi Natan,

I don't find the problem in my place. Please download and try v3.5.3 at http://www.aspose.com/Downloads/Aspose.Excel/Default.aspx . If it still occurs, please post your sample code here. Thank you.



The problem still occurs with 3.5.3. I’ve attached the project to
this post. The output is written to ExcelFormTest\rdDownload

Thanks, Natan.


Thank you for the help. I figure out the problem. Please try this attached fix.


Works great. Thanks!