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Cells errors


Recently I discovered a couple of bugs in Aspose.Cells.
First one is an old one - it existed in Apose.Excel I was using so far -
The 2 remaining ones I discovered when testing my software agaist the newest Aspose.Cells hotfix.
1. When you open an xls file containing cells filled with value “#N/A”, after saving such xls all the formating (colors/borders) for those cells are lost (this is the old one)

2. When you copy whole worksheet using .Copy method formulas gets corrupted. Look at the attached sample xls - ouput.xls.
Source formula:
Copied formula:

3. There are random strings inserted at various places (i.e. A1 cell in ‘Samplesheet’).

Sample code I used to test it:
Aspose.Cells.Excel ex=new Aspose.Cells.Excel();

int index=ex.Worksheets.Add();

I hope these problems will be easy to correct.

Grzegorz Chlodzinski

Here’s the output.xls file I got after running my sample application.

And my sample.xls file.

Please try this attached fix. 1,2 is fixed.

3 is not a bug. It's an evaluation limitation. Please check .

If you have already bought a license and set it in your code, your license may be expired.

This fixed version works great, both in my test and my real application.
I checked it again against my old Aspose.Excel and it also fixes problems I had with setting dimensions for comments.
Indeed garbage text pops up only in evaluation mode - I didn’t bother with licencing in my test app.
I have a licence file bought just a month ago and it does not cause any problems.

Thanks a lot Laurence :slight_smile: