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Cells for SSRS - Excel Color when copying bug

When I copy and paste an exported spreadsheet into a new spreadsheet, the original coloring used to produce the spreadsheet change

However, if I copy a worksheet into another worksheet within the same spreadsheet, it is okay.


Could you give us sample RDL file with exported Excel file here. Also, give us the copied spreadsheets (with screen shots etc.) here, we will check your issue soon.

Thank you.

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />- i emailed the attachments

The first attachment is the original spreadsheet exported out of reporting services using XLS - Excel Workbook via Aspose.Cells.

Notice that original header is grey color and there is a line separating the report name from the rest of the report (line btw row 2 and 3).

I then copied the workbook into another spreadsheet. See 2nd attachment. The header line is now burgundy instead of grey and line separator is missing.

Also the row height and column width is not being preserved when copied over from the original workbook.


Thanks for emailing me the original and copied Excel files. We will check your issue soon. Also, could you post your source / sample RDL file here.

Thank you.

i sent you the RDL


Thanks for sending the file. If it is not a confidential file, then please attach it on this thread.

If it is a confidential file, then make this thread private or ask us to do so.


We have checked your provide files and found the issues.

It is caused by MS-excel.

There are 56 kinds of color in Excel 2003.

When you copy and paste an exported spreadsheet into a new spreadsheet, Excel only copy color index and not color value.

So the color is changed when color index map is in different color in new spreadsheet.