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Cells.GroupColumns - Feature Request

I have recently upgraded to your most recent version of Aspose.Excel (including latest hotfix) and the new Cells.GroupColumns feature is working as expected. I was wondering if there is a way to specify whether the grouped columns are hidden or shown when the spreadsheet is first loaded.

It would seem that the Cells.GroupColumns function could have another argument show/hide Cells.GroupColumns(firstIndex, lastIndex, boolShowYN) or that the worksheet could have a global function like ws.ShowDetail = True or False.

In Excel, you’d highlight the entire spreadsheet and select Data -> Group and Outline -> Hide Detail to accomplish the task I’m trying to figure out.

Thank you for the great software!

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will add this function to meet your need. It will be availabe before the middle of March. Will that meet your need?

Thank you for the prompt response! I can wait for this feature as it’s not a bug fix but rather a convenience for my website user community. Overall, I am very impressed with Aspose.Excel!! Thanks again.