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CellsWebGrid and evaluation warning

I have a form with a user control on it. The user control contains a CellsWebGrid which is created statically.

I am having problems with an evaluation copyright warning appearing all the time.

I have used the same code to set the license that I use succesfully in 10 other places in the application. The only difference is that they are acting on Cells, not CellsWebGrid.

Thinking that the problem may be that the CellWebGrid checks for a license early in the page cycle I have tried setting the license in the user control Page.Load and page.init events and also in the webpage.init event.

However, I keep on getting the evaluation messages.

How do I set the license within this form?



Hi Richard,

Well, I think you are using Aspose.Cells.GridWeb, is not it? You need to set license for Aspose.Cells.GridWeb separately as you might be doing for Aspose.Cells library. See the topic for your complete reference:

Make sure that you place the licensing code for GridWeb at the location where it should be initialized first before using any other API set of GridWeb.

Thank you.