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Change font for Barcode text

When I can the font of the barcode test (to arial for example) when I run the web page I get a Ambiguous match found.

When I remove the font and set it to the default it is fine.

This is the statement from the aspx file.

Font="Arial, 15px"



Thanks for considering Aspose.Barcode. Could you please post some corresponding codes and that "Ambiguous match found" error details?

Thank you.

Hello Jim,

We tested this issue and surprisingly found out that, this is a potential bug! How could we overlook this at the first place? It's really mind-boggling. We promise to fix this problem within a week. Sorry for your inconvenience.
Again, thanks for choosing Aspose.Barcode, let's make it better.

Hello Jim,

Here's the Beta version of Aspose.Barcode to fix that problem. Please feel free to find faults with it.


Dear Jim,

We've just released a hotfix for Aspose.BarCode, verson

A new property called CodeFont is exposed for changing the font, and the old Font proptery is obsoleted. Please the download the hotfix and make some changes to your code -- just replace the old Font property to CodeFont. Let me know it works.

Download Link:

Thanks very much, and feel free to access me with any problems.