ChangeMaster crashes when working on slides with charts


I downloaded some previous versions and noticed the bug was introduced in the latest hotfix ( Here’s some reproduce code (ppt-files are attached).

Presentation tpl = new Presentation(“template.pot”);
Presentation pres = new Presentation(“test.ppt”);

Slide sld = pres.GetSlideByPosition(2);

sld = pres.CloneSlide(sld, 1, tpl, new SortedList());
sld = tpl.GetSlideByPosition(1);

Update: I’ve updated the attachment to include a presentation (test2.ppt) containing a slide with an embedded movie that also fails when running ChangeMaster.


Sorry, that’s my bug and will be fixed in a few hours.



Could that make it into the new hotfix as well?


Bug has been fixed in 2.5.13.
Also it can clone slides with PICT images now.


Excellent. Thanks.