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CharsetProvider not found

Hello aspose team,

I have a problem of encoding while working with com.aspose.words-10.1.0 jar.

It appears that words-10.1.0.jar contains META-INF/services/java.nio.charset.spi.CharsetProvider that declares the class as provider. That class, however, does not exist.

I recieves an error:

WARN (ContentDetection) - Error occured in content detection process. File may
not be supported for a given rule files.
sun.misc.ServiceConfigurationError: java.nio.charset.spi.CharsetProvider: Provid
er not found
at sun.misc.Service.access$000(
at sun.misc.Service$
at java.nio.charset.Charset$1.getNext(
at java.nio.charset.Charset$1.hasNext(
at java.nio.charset.Charset$
at Method)
at java.nio.charset.Charset.availableCharsets(

Can you tell me where is the class



Thanks for your request. This problem was fixed in the latest release. You can download it from here:

Best regards,