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Chart as OLE resizing issue - size and font of the legends uncontrolled smaller


I tried your proposed solution for the ole-reisize-issue. Though I’m not sure to have understood the details, it works for the chart itself (in my test) by keeping the font size at the chart’s axes steady as in the template. But the legend’s font is still shrinking to an unreadable small size. I tried a lot of functions, among them setting the font explicitely in the code, set legend.setAutoScaleFont(false) and legend.getArea().setAuto(false). Nothing seems to have any influence. Since the documentation is just too short for these functions to be understand properly, please enlighten me here how to get in control of the legend’s layout once the chart’s size and OLE container are properly sized.

I figured that when I’m setting a size together with font-aut-sizing, the font gets the size I want, but I’m absolutely out of control to keep the legend’s box in place and size.

I figured, that setting the size and width to exactly 400 keeps the size I want. Now the legend box runs out of the worksheet/OLE area slightly.

Please explain, what’s going on behind the curtain when sizes get changed along with and without autosizing settings. It is not able to be reproduced by using PPT/Excel itself, since there are no such options or controls as “autosize”.


Apologies for late reply. Can you please explain what proposed solution you are talking about?

It would be of great help that you provide us your sample code and any template file that you are using. Also, you may share the snapshots of the issue you are facing while handling the Charts. We will look into it and will provide you all assistance that you may require.

We are continuously updating the online documentation for newly added functionality and re-structuring of modules. But still we know there is alot more to add in.

Regarding the issue with Charts Legend, have you checked the online documentation on Legend Class,

Set text of chart legend entry fill to none


Please proceed to this documentation link which will lead you to article on Chart Resizing issue. Hopefully, it will prove helpful for you.


After testing your sample program at <a href=", we found the different fonts issue of the legend, please find attached the different views when editing the embedded Excel in your input PPT (original.JPG) and the output PPt file(cells_res.JPG). I think your requirement is to make the view same with original.JPG. We are looking into this issue and will try to provide the fix or solution ASAP when we figure the issue out. I have logged a ticket for the issue with an id: CELLSJAVA-27317.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Please find the attachment screenshots relating to above post.




Please download the Aspose.Cells for Java (Latest Version).

We have fixed the legend font issue of the embedded xls in ppt. With the new fix, by executing your “DemoRunner.java” now we can get the same view with “DemoRunnerTestInput.pptx” for the resultant ppt when editing the embedded xls

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSJAVA-27317) have been fixed in this update.

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