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chart.DataTable formatting? What is the Aspose equivalent

I’m using the DataTable (chart.IsDataTableShown=true) but can not find the Aspose.Excel equivalent for formatting it; font size, type, bold, etc. Is this provided or do I only have an option to display it or not display it?

Currently you can only choose to display the datatable or not. The format settings are not supported.

What currently determines the font size within the DataTable?

Are you planning to incorporate this functionality? My customer expects a presentation quality product that does not require them to modify anything when the file is produced.

The font size is automatically determined by MS Excel.

We will add this feature to Aspose.Excel in the future release. However, it will not be available until the end of July because we are implementing urgent feature requests from other cusotmers. Would that serve your timeline?

Your July schedule will work for me. My customer is pretty demanding when it comes to the finished Excel product so the more I can control from the API the better. Thanks.