****CHART lines not picking up color settings****


Thanks Laurence for your quick and hasty response on my first post, entitled: ****CHART Plot Area set Foregroundcolor moves legend . I downloaded the fix(AsposeExcel.dll version from your reply and it solved the legend moving problem!!! I just have one more request for you. On my chart I have total of 9 series, 3 of which are in dashed format the other six are just regular lines. Here is how I format the dashed lines:

chart.NSeries[0].Name = "Level 1 Goal";

chart.NSeries[0].MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.None;

chart.NSeries[0].Line.Weight = WeightType.SingleLine;

chart.NSeries[0].Line.Style = LineType.Dash;

chart.NSeries[0].Line.Color = Color.Brown;

chart.NSeries[1].Name = "Level 3 Goal";

chart.NSeries[1].MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.None;

chart.NSeries[1].Line.Weight = WeightType.SingleLine;

chart.NSeries[1].Line.Style = LineType.Dash;

chart.NSeries[1].Line.Color = Color.Pink;

chart.NSeries[2].Name = "Level 5 Goal";

chart.NSeries[2].MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.None;

chart.NSeries[2].Line.Weight = WeightType.SingleLine;

chart.NSeries[2].Line.Style = LineType.Dash;

chart.NSeries[2].Line.Color = Color.Yellow;

It looks like it doesn't pick up the colors that I set on the dashed lines. It picks up the yellow... on the chart.NSeries[2] series but the first two don't pick up(This is wierd as well....I have another series in the other six with yellow...it seems any color that I put in that is on the other 6 lines that aren't dashed it picks them up). The colors were working before when they were solid, not dashed so I went back and tried to reverse the linestyle to solid but that didn't change anything. I don't know if it is the new aspose.excel.dll with the fix in it or what. If you could kindly check on this for me that would be great!!!.......I will be finished!!!!


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you meet any problem. We will do our best to support our users.

For this issue, please try use the following code:

excel.ChangePalette(Color.Brown, 55);

chart.NSeries[0].Line.Color = Color.Brown;

excel.ChangePalette(Color.Pink, 55);

chart.NSeries[1].Line.Color = Color.Pink;

Pink and Brown color is not in the Excel standard palette. Please check http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx/Aspose.Excel/ColorAndPalette.html for more information.