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Charting related questions


I have a couple of questions concerning charts:

1) How do I set the Category or Value axis titles? Neither the CategoryAxis nor ValueAxis properties (Well, the Axis class) do offer a Title property. Is there any other way?

2) I have a chart set up that has positive and negative values thus the category axis is plotted somewhere in the middle of the chart which looks ugly. I would like to hide the category axis labeling but did not find a property to do so. If it was possible to have the category axis labeling placed at the bottom of the chart, that would be fine too.

Thanks for your help


Kai Iske

Dear Kai,

Thanks for your consideration. Currently Aspose.Excel only has base APIs on chart. I am working on this to provide advance APIs to meet your need.

About you questions:
1. I will add the property to enable you to do it.
2. I will add a method or property to enable you to hide it.


sounds good to me, thanks.