Charts missing from PowerPoint slides



First of all I find it extremely poor based on the cost of this product and the maintenance fee, that you do not provide telephone contact details to fix issues. I’m not a massive lover of forums and our clients who are huge blue chip companies want responses immediately.

Our issue
When we upload a power-point file to our site and use the Aspose suite to convert and view the pdf online, some charts are missing/not being rendered. Then when we download the pdf the charts are also missing.

We run this process through Adobe online and Neevia Document converter and the charts appear fine.

Please see attached slide and screenshot of outcome running through Aspose.

Please can someone pick this up as matter of urgency as Iam not purchasing software that does not work.



Hi Jonathan,

First of all accept my apologies for inconvenience on your end. I like to share that we offer free and paid support for our worthy customers. We make sure that free support customers issues added in Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Total are responded at most in 24 hours. Similarly, the paid support issues added in Aspose.Priority and Aspose.Enterprise are responded with in 12 hours of the request.

I have worked with your presentation using Aspose.Slides for .NET 7.1.0 on my end have generated the PDF. I have observed that chart’s plot area fill color is missing in generated PDF and I have created an issue with ID SLIDESNET-34070 to further investigate and resolve the issue. I have also observed that category axis labels for generated chart in PDF is also improperly rendered in generated PDF. I have created and issue with ID SLIDESNET-34071 to further investigate and resolve the issue.

I have not been able to observe the missing chart issues in generated PDF. For your kind reference, I have attached the generated PDF as well.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,



Thanks for your reply and attached pdf. There are another 3000 :). We are using an alternative pdf converter for these in the mean time but do you know how long these issues will be in play for or when there will be a fix? We need to know if we should switch our PDF conversion provider.



Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your growing interest in Aspose.Slides.

I like to share that while scheduling the issues for investigations first and subsequently for resolution in next step, as per Aspose policy, first of all the issues for paid support customers in Aspose.Priority and Aspose.Enterprise support forums are given preference. Firstly, the paid support issues are scheduled for investigation and resolution. Then issues from normal support forums like Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Total are selected for investigation on first come and first serve basis. Then based on the complexity of the issues they are scheduled for resolution. Since, your issue has just been created few days back, it is still in waiting queue and as soon as it will scheduled for investigation on its turn and feedback will be shared by our development team. On the basis of shared feedback, I will be able to pass on the ETA with you.

I will share the further information with you as soon as the issue will be scheduled for investigation.

Many Thanks,


The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-34070) have been fixed in this update.