Charts not properly rendered to PDF and html from DOCX


We found several more cases where Office Charts were not properly rendered when converting DOCX to PDF or HTML.


var document = new Document(@“testdocs.docx”);

As marked on my attached screenshot, the charts in pdf/html are looking very different from the original document. I’ve also attached the test files for your reference.

image.png (93.4 KB) (82.1 KB)

Since we started converting DOCX to PDF/HTML using Aspose, we found multiple issues on various cases from Aspose where it does not render properly, including a few tickets already escalated to enterprise support. Is it possible to get a more generic fix on these?



Thanks for your inquiry. We have tested the scenario and have managed to reproduce the same issue at our side. For the sake of correction, we have logged this problem in our issue tracking system as WORDSNET-17822. You will be notified via this forum thread once this issue is resolved.

We apologize for your inconvenience.