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Charts - standard versus custom

Can u please explain to me the differences between custom and standard charts and the charting capabilities between the pro and ent edition of aspose.excel.

In one of the online documentations, it saids:
Currently Aspose.Excel only supports custom chart combined with Pie, Line and Column chart. More is Coming.

Can u please explain above comment. Plus i noted that in the product comparisons, professional edition does not support api custom charting but supports designer. Does that mean that if i have an excel spreadsheet with a custom chart already designed, i can then manipulate this using the api? Whereas with the enterprise edition, i can create a custom chart using api on the fly without resoughting to a pre-designed excel template

thank you


If you add charts to your designer file, Aspose.Excel can load and save it without any problem in Professional and Enterprise edition. And you can change the data source and title of designer charts through apis.

If you want to create a custom chart using api on the fly, Enterprise edition is need.

Currently you can only create custom charts mixed with Pie, Line and Column.
For example, you can create a chart with two series. The first series can be column type and the second can be pie type. But if you want to create a chart with a column type series and an area type series, it’s not supported.

hi laurence,

Just one clarification:

So a custom chart are only charts that have multiple series but have different chart type for each series eg line for series 1 and bar for series 2? Whereas standard charts are ones with one or more series having the same chart type whether it be area, stacked bar…etc…

And more importantly, can i create these standard charts using the professional edition using the api on the fly??

Also is the demo version a professional version?

I appreciate your help



Your understanding for standard chart and custom chart is correct.

You can create these standard charts using the professional edition using the api on the fly.

The demo version is enterprise edition.

About the edition difference, please check