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Check character

I am using Aspose.Barcode (a great product, btw) to generate a Code 39 barcode. The problem is that my client has requested a custom check digit that does not conform to the standard Code 39 check character (divide by 43). Is there any way for me to specify my own check character equation or the specific check character that should be used?
Thank You,

Dear Ian,

In order to use customized check digits instead of default check digits, the EnableCheckSum property has to be false. Here is the details:
1) set EnableCheckSum to false.

2) include the customized check digits into the code you want to encode in barcode images.

For example,
string customizedCheckDigits = “13”; //your customized checks
string codeTobeEncoded = “12345679”; // code to be encoded
barcodeControl1.SymbologyType = Aspose.BarCode.Symbology.Code39Standard; //use code39 standard
barcodeControl1.EnableCheckSum = false; // do not include code39 default check digits
barcodeControl1.CodeText = codeTobeEncoded + customizedCheckDigits ;