Check if appending content to page causes a new page to be added


Using the following code:

 public void AppendContent(BaseParagraph content)

How would I know if that action has caused a new page to be added? or query if the page is currently overflowing or not. I need this to determine page numbers.

There is a content.IsInNewPage; method but this is always false.
Note that the processParagraphs code cannot be called at this point as the document is still being constructed and causes rendering issues later on.

It is easy to replicate, just have hundreds of text fragments being added in a loop to the last available page.



Thank you for contacting support.

Please note that BaseParagraph.IsInNewPage property can be used during PDF generation only so you will be getting the default value as false unless you set it otherwise. Therefore, we are afraid you may not be able to check page break or new page for mentioned scenario.