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Check if PDF has specific attributions using Aspose.PDF

Hi I am trying Aspose and I want to check if you have indication about the different PDF attribution. For example: hasEmbeddedObject() , hasJavascript() hasForm () and etc.
Here is a more examples:

  • /Encrypt
  • /ObjStm
  • /JS
  • /JavaScript
  • /AA
  • /OpenAction
  • /JBIG2Decode
  • /RichMedia
  • /Launch
  • /XFA


You can use following properties of the API Classes in order to determine:

  • Encrypt => PdfFileInfo.IsEncrypted
  • JavaScript => Document.JavaScript.Keys.Count
  • OpenAction => Document.OpenAction
  • Form => Document.Form.Count
  • XFA => Document.Form.XFA.FieldNames.Count()
  • Embedded Files => Document.EmbeddedFiles.Count

For the above properties, would you kindly explain a bit about them a bit more and share a sample PDF containing them. We will further check related information at our side and share with you.

Thanks for the fast response. Please find the details for the fields:
/AA and /OpenAction indicate an automatic action to be performed when the page/document is viewed. Javascript attacks usually works with auto open.

The combination of automatic action and JavaScript makes a PDF document very suspicious.

/JBIG2Decode indicates if the PDF document uses JBIG2 compression. This is not necessarily and indication of a malicious PDF document, but requires further investigation.

/RichMedia is for embedded Flash.

/Launch counts launch actions.

Do you provide a filter / search and replace capability?


As shared earlier that it can be get using Document.OpenAction Property.

We need to further investigate the feasibility of the above requirements. Could you please provide a sample PDF containing all the above content so that we can test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly?

Yes, Aspose.PDF offers a feature to search and replace text inside PDF documents.