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Check if the Workbook has been updated


In our application, we load a lot of data and formula into an aspose Workbook (Aspose.Cells for Java). During my processing, I dynamically update some cell values in the workbook. Now, in order to apply these values I have to invoke calculateFormula( ). I wanted to introduce an optimization in my code so that I skip the calculateFormula( ) invocation when there in no data update after initial load.

Is there any API in aspose which I can invoke to know if the workbook has gotany un-evaluated change or in other works whether the workbook is dirty.

Any help or pointers will be highly appreciated.


Hi Amjad,

Thanks for your reply.

I think I could not communicate my requirement correctly to you in the last post. I am aware of the Worksheet.calculateFormula() and Workbook.calculateFormula() methods and what kind of optimization they cater. I am more interested in knowing if there has been any update made in the workbook or not. And if there has been any update then only I want to invoke calculateFormula() method.

Please share your views.


Hi Malay,

For marking whether the workbook has been changed, I am afraid we can't support it. As you know, there are too many APIs and Objects manipulated by end users that can cause the workbook "dirty", and even if we can set flag for that, I think it will be an unnecessary performance burden for many users who does not concern with the "dirty" status of workbook.

But for calculateFormula(), I think maybe you only need to know whether one Cell's value or formula has been updated. If so, we can look into it to check whether we can support it soon.