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Checkbox and template


I am exporting a form with checkbox into excel.
I created a template with all the field and the checkboxes. But how can I set the checkbox at checked?
I set all of my variable this way:

designer.SetDataSource("partname", Lbl_name.Text)
Where &=partname is a marker in my spreadsheet. But I could not find how to check a checkbox.


Aspose.Cells doesn’t support to set checkbox on template file. You can only set the checkboxes which are created at run time.

Hi Laurence,

I was finally able to make it work.
What I did is in my template, I assign a cell link for each of my checkbox. Then I put a marker in those cell link
Therefore , when I export my form to excel, I assign those cells to true or false .

designer.SetDataSource("test", true);