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Classic ASP: Local Ok but HTTP broken

Hi, I’m trying out Aspose.Word evaluation edition. I
tested it out locally using a .vbs file to create Aspose.Word objects
and to save to a file. Everything worked except calling Aspose.Word
objects in an ASP page through the IE browser. Shouldn’t it be able to stream files
back to the browser?

The error says something about the ActiveX component not being able to
create the object
“Aspose.Word.Document”. The same exact code works in .vbs format and
saves a doc file on my hard drive. I tried uninstalling and
reinstalling it but it still
doesn’t work. I do remember testing earlier versions and streaming the
generated word file directly to the browser worked with Classic ASP
code. Now I’m testing the
latest version and it doesn’t work anymore.

Any suggestions?

Read through previous articles, I guess I’ll try starting from a clean system.