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Clearing a hard font and using a template


I'm using v2.4.14.0 of Aspose.Slides.

I have a TitleBody slide in a Powerpoint PPT. If I change the design template for this slide, I get the new fonts, alignment, bullet styles, etc specified by the template. If I then clone that slide using Aspose.Slides, the new slide shows the design template background, but *not* changes to fonts, alignment, bullet styles, etc. It seems that the new slide has hard-wired these attributes and no longer accepts changes from the template. I can edit the PPT in PowerPoint 2000 itself and no matter what template I apply, the cloned slide does not accept fonts, alignment, etc from the template.

Is this a bug, or is there some way that I can ensure that the cloned slide uses values from any template?



Such behavior is by design. We are not ready to provide cloning slides with default parameters yet.
There are a lot of problems with text formatting when such slides cloned to another presentation.