ClipArt scaling with GetThumbnail


When using GetThumbnail to create a PDF file, the clip art on a slide is scaled incorrectly.

It works fine if the clip art was a bitmap of some sort, but if it was a vector image (WMF) then you get an small part of the entire image.

For example, the clip art is scaled to 100x100 in the slide. After converting to a PDF, the image is still 100x100, but it is only the top left corner of the original image scaled to this size, not the whole image.


I thought it was fixed in one of the last hot fixes. Are you sure you use lastest hot fix?
If problem exists then any examples are very appreciated.


Have just downloaded and tested with and had the same issue. Have attached the presentation. It is the images on page 2.

Thanks for your help,



Dear Chris,

Please check 1.9.2 hot fix.