Cloned Placeholder has border added


Using the very latest Aspose.Slides.DLL (v we are currently experiencing the same symptoms as as previous post relating to the Java version of this product:

The problem is that the title in some of the cloned slides sometimes appears with a blue border although this is not present in the slide master. The problem occurs both when using the ChangeMaster function and when this function is removed.

This is critical to our current development. Please can you advise?


Please can you advise when this will be looked at as we are desperate for an urgent response on this issue?

Also, I would like to reiterate that we are using the very latest Aspose.Slides.DLL (.Net version)


I’ve looked at this problem but unfortunately can reproduce it in rare cases when
master slide doesn’t have text holders only. Please provide source ppt files with
example of code you use to clone slides and we will try to find solution asap.


As requested, I have attached a copy of the source code (bsProposalGenerator.vb), the source slides and an example generated presentation containing the issue (x80750_2825 Resulting PPT.ppt) with the box surrounding the title.

If it is any help, the problem appears to occur in this example when we attempt to clone slides from a combination of the 'FORMATTED Pru_Prog Ass_DeliverableDONE.ppt' and any other of the presentations which I have attached.

The VB source code attachment is quite long but the main areas of code of interest are as:-

Protected NewPresentation As Presentation
' Load the base Powerpoint presentation containing the master slide for the presentation style.
' This will be the presentation containting the inital slide for the Cover section.
NewPresentation = LoadPowerPoint(strPathToMasterPresentation)

Dim presSource As Presentation
presSource = LoadPowerPoint(strPath)

slide = presSource.GetSlideByPosition(intPosition)
Dim s1 As Slide = presSource.CloneSlide(slide, NewPresentation.Slides.LastSlidePosition + 1, NewPresentation, tempList)



Thanks in advance for looking into this.

Allan Ashton.


Hello Allan,

The most possible reason is wrong using of “SortedList tempList” parameter of CloneSlide method.
SortedList should be separate for each source presentation but if I understood right your sources
you use the same collection with several source ppt files.


Hi Alcrus,

Thanks for your update. I did indeed have only one Private instance of the temporary SortedList object. Therefore, I implemented the change of instantiating a seperate SortedList for each presentation as you have suggested but unfortunately this did not make any difference.

Any more suggestions?

Thanks, Allan.


Yes, tempList is private object but you use it several times with different presentations. Please check again these lines.

tempList used with PlaceholderPresentation on lines 1558, 1580 and after that with presSource on line 1583.
PlaceholderPresentation on lines 1614, 1633, 1646, 1658 and presSource on line 1663.
After using CloneSlide with presSource ppt it iterates next slides and clone PlaceholderPresentation.

So you should use separate SortedList object for presSource and initialize it every time you load new presentation.

If you did it and have placeholder’s border again please send me changed sources and I will try to find and give another suggestion.


I have modified the code to use seperate sorted lists for each source presentations as suggested and although the borders no longer appear around the titles they are now appearing around some of the placeholders. Please see slides 12,13,18,19,30 in the .PPT in the attached .zip file.

Also, where we previously adding a dynamic logo on the front cover slide and slide inners (in the top right corner) this logo has now vanished.

The .zip file also contains the revised VB code as you requested.

Thanks, Allan.



Well, that is much better now. The only one problem are non-standard placeholders
on source slides. They inherite style from master like normal placeholders but store
text like TextFrames do. As a result they are not recognized as placeholder and
ChangeMaster method can’t process them in a right way.

I will check if we can fix it in a short time but can’t promise anything.
The quickest workaround is delete these placeholders from source slides and
recreate it again from scratch. Or may be even create TextFrame instead.


Hi alcrus,

We would prefer to have this fixed in Aspose rather than implementing any such workarounds in our application. Please can you advise us on when the Aspose fix can be implemented?

Thanks, Allan.


That is critical for us too so we already started to work with it.
But problem is serious enough and writing a fix can take up to one or two weeks.


Hello Allan,

Please check our new 2.5.12 hot fix.
I tested it with your presentations and target ppt doesn’t have borders anymore.



Thanks for the update however, I'm afraid to say that this has not entirely resolved the issue. Although we no longer see any erroneous borders, we occasionally still see a placholder which is not apparent on the orignal slide. Please see attachment (Slide 4)

Thanks, Allan.


If I’m not mistaken that is correct behavior. In most cases if you copy such slides with MS PowerPoint you will get the same result.
By the way such empty placeholders are not visible in the slide show so there are no reasons to worry.
Just in case, could you send me source of this slide and I will check it again.