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Cloned table gets bullets


I have created a program which replaces placeholders from a template ppt file with XML data and inserts another slide (single slide in another ppt file) into the middle.
Everything is working correctly except that on the inserted slide there is a table. The text in this table doesn't have bullets, but in the new presentation, it does. This is only noticible when a user tried to enter new text into the table. It seems that the bulleted formating has been changed to one with bullets in the new version, but it is explicitly set to "NONE" in the original.

None of the other text boxes in the presentation use bullets nor either presentation's master slides.

I am copying the inserted slide into the filled in template without a master b/c I want it to look like the templated slides.

Everything else looks perfect.

Any ideas?



I had the same problem, if there is a table in template, cloneSlide sets the property “textframe.Paragraphs[0].HasBullet” is always true. I switched it off in my code.

I have an other problems with tables, every second row has wrong line width.
Here is an example which shows the problem.

Thank you Gubi, I ended up doing this also.

Please check 2.0.1 hot fix.
New table cells don’t have bullets by default anymore.