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CloneSlide & ChangeMaster creates corrupt presentation with embedded Word table

To reproduce:

1) Create a new Word doc with a table in it. (The attached project has the Word doc I used for my testing.)

2) Create a new Powerpoint presentation. On one of the slides, embed the Word doc in it. In Powerpoint, go to Inerst | Object. Select Create from file. Select your new Word doc. (The attached project has the Powerpoint presentation with Word doc already embedded I used for my testing.)

3) Call CloneSlide on the slide that has the Word doc embedded in it.

4) Call ChangeMaster on the cloned slide

5) Save the presentation that the slide was cloned to to a file.

6) Have Aspose attempt to open the newly saved presentation. An exception will be thrown.

Please see attached project to reproduce the problem.

Also, if you comment out the call to ChangeMaster, the exception does not get thrown.

Finally, this appears to have started with version I cannot reproduce this problem with However, every version from to appears to have this problem.