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Cloneslide results in invalid ppt file that crashes Powerpoint

Please see the attached same.

When I clone a slide to another presentation and save the result, the output is corrupt.

This is an important one for our customer- not sure if it's the master or the slide being cloned.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


Any ideas on this one? If I were someone else looking at this, I know I would view it as a one off ppt corruption/weirdness issue, but it's quite real and it is repeatable for other presentations (my QA department has been slow to get me other samples from other customers).

Any help would really be appreciated.


Now I see 3 possible reasons for that and testing all of them.
If you can send me another ppt file with the same problem that would be great.
The only one thing. This ppt file should be as small as possible (I mean number of objects on a slide).
I can promise it will be fixed asap.

I have attached another example from another customer's presentations. In this case PPT does not crash but the slides show up as corrupt- there is a broken link where the title master to master slide link would be- except it's on the normal slide layout....

Thank you for your help.


The problem with this line. It’s located in wrong place.
Dim slideList As New System.Collections.SortedList

You should create new empty SortedList for each source presentation.
Put it inside first “for” loop. For example after line

I'm sorry- that was a problem I had found and corrected in my original code but that didn't make it to my test/submission project.

The original project reproducing the problem is still valid and I will work with our support team to identify any other issues like this. Thank you for your help.


Attached is another example from a different customer. May be a different problem.... I'm using PPT 2003 SP2.

I have a master presentation and a content presentation. The content presentation has one slide that references a master slide. There is also a title master in the content presentation that is not used.

When I clone the content slide to the master slide, the result is corrupt and on opening, PPT tells me that there were errors and it has removed objects etc.

When I delete the unused master title slide and even if I add a new master title slide, the presentation now works when its slide is cloned to the master.

This may or may not be along the same lines as the first issue described above- it is a different customer's presentation and the symptoms are different but the process is the same and both presentations have master title slides.

Any help would be appreciated as always.