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CloneSlide with tables

Hi Alexey,

is there a way to clone slides with tables? Before i clone the slides, i modify the tables. The problem is, in some cases are the copies GroupShapes and not Tables.

// add a new slide from a template
Slide slide = m_templatePres.CloneSlide(m_templatePres.GetSlideByPosition(templateNo), slide.SlidePosition+1, m_pres, m_sList);

// I modify slide. The content doesn fit into one slide, thats why i clone a slide from my result-presentation (m_pres) . I split slide into two slides and delete the shapes i dont need
Slide newSlide = m_pres.CloneSlide(slide, slide.SlidePosition+1, m_pres, m_sList);
Shape originalShape = slide.Shapes[2]; // is a Table
Shape copyGroupShape= newSlide.Shapes[2]; // is a GroupShape

The originalShape is a Table, the copy is a GroupShape. I m not able to cast the copy to a table.

Can you tell me in what connection Tables and GroupShapes are?
GroupShape is base class of Table and sets borders and line-format. With tables i can manipulate the content?
Is there a way to get the Table from a GroupShape?