Cloning and saving a PPTX slide causes unequal results


I'm loading a Blank.pptx file and adding a clone from another PPTX presentation to it:

int index = destinationPresentationEx.Masters.AddClone(slideEx.LayoutSlide.MasterSlide);
destinationPresentationEx.Slides.AddClone(slideEx, destinationPresentationEx.Masters[index]);

I'm saving it then to Test1.pptx. If I execute exactly the same code again and save the file to Test2.pptx, Test1.pptx and Test2.pptx are not equal when doing a bitwise comparision.

This is quite strange. Any idea why these files aren't equal? This problem occurs only for PPTX files. Cloning and saving PPT files causes equal results.

Thank you and best regards

Dear Thomas,

Binary files will differ because there are different slide ids in them or probably different internal data. Anyway, technical team will guide you better.

Hello Thomas,

In theory, if you reload all files from disk again, test2.pptx should be the same. But pptx is zipped xml files.
After Aspose.Slides parse and serialize it back even small difference in spaces will produce different zip files.