Cloning Slide with Autoshape Arc



I am attempting to clone a slide that contains a single AutoShape Arc and it is failing. The slide turns into, what I would call, a blank Master Slide, instead of having the Arc on it.

I am using the most recent version of Aspose.Slides for Java (

I have attached a ZIP file containing the java test case source and three PPT files.

First.ppt is the source PPT that will have a slide added to.
Second.ppt is the slide that will be inserted into First.ppt.
Output.ppt is the PPT after inserting Second.ppt into First.ppt.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this error?

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer.


Thank you, I will test it shortly and write about results.


Dear Randy,

Could you tell me what file “first.ppt” is? It looks like a presentation but it’s not a real ppt. At least MS PowerPoint can’t create such files. And even more, MS PowerPoint 2003 can’t open this file at all.

Try to use any other presentation as source (for example create it with empty Presentation constructor) and slide with Arc autoshape will be cloned.



I generated first.ppt with MS PowerPoint. I don’t know the exact version (I’m not logged into that computer.), but I think it is MS Office 2000, with many patches and service packs applied.

I created it by deleting everything on the slide, then deleting everything on the Master Slide, then saving. I thought it would be easier to recreate and debug if first.ppt was as simple as possible.

Go ahead and add something to the slide and master, but NOT placeholders. The actual Master Slide we use does NOT have any placeholders. When I get back to that computer this evening, I’ll change first.ppt, so that it has something on the slide and master and send it back to you with the version of Powerpoint that I am using.

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer.


As I wrote, I can’t open first.ppt file. MS PowerPoint simply throws error “PowerPoint can’t read first.ppt”.
Try not to change it but create new one from scratch.



The first.ppt that you have was created with MS PowerPoint 2002 with SP3.

I took your advice and recreated many different versions of first.ppt using the "File/New..." command and selecting "Blank Presentation" and then the "Title Slide".

For some, I deleted all the items on both the slide and master. On another I kept the placeholders in place.

I even created these same slides with MS PowerPoint 2003.

In all cases, whenever there was an Autoshape Arc on the slide, it would fail to cloned.

I've attached all the different version that I created. Can you open any of those?

What should I try next?

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer


Thank you, now I can test it.
I can’t open “first Empty from MS PP 2000.ppt” file only.



Do you have an estimate when you will either have a fix or a workaround for this issue with Autoshape Arcs?

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer


We are preparing large update with many fixes now.
Probably we will test it one or two days. After that we will publish it.



I just downloaded the Java version of Aspose Slides just released ( and expected this problem to be fixed, but it wasn't.

Did I misunderstand your last message? Are you looking at my problem right now? Or did you think you fixed this problem in the last release?

Randy Stegbauer


In this case I don’t understand what problem you have now.

In previous version we had bug with loading fast saved presentation. Part of ppt file was lost. As a result, after opening created presentation in MS PowerPoint the error could be thrown. This problem was fixed in 1.6.10 version.

Now I test ppt files you sent me before (with arc shape) and use your java code. Created presentation is ok. The only one thing, I use first.ppt file from last attached zip and not created with PP2000 because “first.ppt” and “first Empty from MS PP 2000.ppt” are broken.



Could you please send me the first.ppt and second.ppt that you are running with AND the output.ppt that is generated after running my test program?

I am still seeing the exact same problem that I originally reported. Even with 1.6.10. There are no errors thrown when opening any of the "first" presentations. The only issue I have is that, after cloning and saving to "output.ppt", the inserted slide (now the first slide in "output.ppt") does not contain the content it had in the original slide (from second.ppt).

Can you open the file "output.ppt" that I sent you in my first message in this thread?

Does my problem have something to do with the version of MS PowerPoint we are using? We have MS PowerPoint 2000 SP-3 (9.0.8942).

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer.


Please check attached presentations.
“first.ppt” is renamed “first_Blank_MSPP_2002_10_6501_6735_SP3.ppt” from second archive.
“output.ppt” was created with 1.6.10 version several minutes ago.

PP2003 without fixes can’t open your output.ppt at all. PP2003 SP2 11.8024.8028 opens this file but throws error “Part of presentation was lost…”. The same problem with your “first.ppt” from first message.

Unfortunately I can’t test presentations with PP2000.



When I open "output.ppt" that you just sent, the first slide appears blank.

We create all of our input presentations with MS PowerPoint 2000. This is what we used to create all of the "first" and "second" presentations that I sent you.

If you cannot test presentations with PP2000, then does that mean Aspose does not support PP2000?

In other words, we use PP2000 to create presentations that are inserted into other MS2000 generated presentations. We use Aspose to merge these two presentations. After the merge, we cannot see all the slides in the output presentation. Do you have any plans for fixing this problem?

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer



We support PowerPoint 2000 but it’s most capricious PowerPoint and always has some problems.
I installed PP200 yesterday and testing everything now but don’t have idea why it can happen yet.
As soon as I find the problem it will be fixed.




Thank you for putting so much effort into resolving this problem.

Randy Stegbauer.


Arc problem has been fixed. Hot fix will be available in a few hours.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Aspose has, by far, the BEST Customer Service and Techical Support of any other company I have ever dealt with.

The response time on the technical questions is phenomenal.

And the creation of hot fixes for specific customer issues is incredible.

NO other company comes close.

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer.


Thank you Randy, I really appreciate it!