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Cloning Slide without master

For my current project I have to merge slides from different .ppts into a new ppt.

The Problem is the original ppts use different masters…
What I do at the moment is

Presentation newPres = new Presentation(“someTemplate.ppt”);
foreach(string file in filesToUse)
Presentation orig = new Presentation(file);
int pos = getMeACorrectPos();
Slide os = orig.GetSlideByPosition(pos);
// insertpoint1

This basically works quite good. BUT as soon as some of the original ppts use masters the new presentation does NOT work correctly

adding these lines (@ insertpoint1) won’t help either:

os.FollowMasterBackground = false;
os.FollowMasterObjects = false;
os.FollowMasterScheme = false;

The new File is still someway corrupt…

So, is there a way to detach os (a slide) from it’s original master?


Dear FEZ,

You can only clone slides and master slides.
Now we are implementing full support for any number of Masters and MainMasters.
So it will be possible to define own master for each slide and clone slides together with masters to the new presentation.

Hot fix with many main masters for one ppt will be released in a couple of days.
And slide cloning with main masters on the next week.


really looking forward to these features…

Thanks again for your fast reply