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Column width is not correct

column width is not correct

in the all demos

Frame work 1.1

MS VS 2003

IE version 6.0.2900.2180


Do you mean that all the demo have this problem?


when i build them on my computer


To help us locate your problem, please run a demo in an browser, then right click on the white space of the page, select view source from the context menu, save the source code to a file and post the file here. Thank you.

this problem does not occured when i set column width manually (call methods SetColumnWidth, SetRowHeight)


We have located the problem. This problem may be caused by your computer's local settings. Please check your computer's local setting, see the decimal point setting. If it is a ",", change it to "." and try again. (You may be need to restart your computer after do that.)

And we will fix this problem in the next version so the product will not be affectted with the local setting of your computer.

i change the decimal point setting to “.” and restart my computer and rebuild solution - it does not work


Try the posted hot-fix.

It work.

Thank you.