Columns in conversion from docx to html

I am having a number of layout issues when I am doing a conversion from docx to html. Firstly the text from the columns are placed on separate lines, first the left column and then the right. Admittedly this is similar to MS Word but I was wondering if there was anyway around this.
The next issue is when there are columns present part way through the document, the footer moves up and you end up with Page 1of1 in the middle of you document. How do I go about fixing this.
Lastly I would like to know if it is possible to preserve the page size so that the white space at the bottom of pages is still there after the conversion.
I have attached a sample file which we are trying to convert along with the current version of our test harness. If you have anything you need clarified then let me know.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your inquiry.

  1. Unfortunately, there is no way to output multiple columns into HTML because HTML itself does not support multiple columns. If it is acceptable for you, you can easily achieve the same using simple table.
  2. You see footer in the middle of the HTML document because source document contains multiple section and each section contains its own header and footer, on other hand here are no sections in HTML.

As a workaround, you can just disable outputting headers/footers to HTML:
3. It is possible to output information about page size into HTML, however this will not affect layout of the output HTML document:
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