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Columnwidth of formula=SUM cell

Hi Laurence ,

What will be the column width of SUM cell? And also what will be format of SUM cell?

For example,

I have range from A1 to A8 are formatted as currency, and use aspose make the cell A9 as formula=String.format("=SUM({0}:{1})",,, where startcell will be A1, and endcell will be A8. Will A9 be currency format as well?

If I am using autofitcolumn for the cell A, it will only autosize A1-A8. The A9 looks like recognized as 5 only.

Thank you

  1. You should format A9 as currency also.

    2. Call Excel.CalculateFormula before call autofitcolumn. But please don’t call Excel.CalculateFormula too many times for it’s a time-consuming method.